Cycle 3 Day 4 11/10/16

I was working on the cosmo video. The difficulties that I have to figure out if is how to zoom on the video so that they could see the hours of operation that the Locks Training is available for.


Cycle 2 Day 2 10/12/16

I had to go to the library during service learning time to go do my Plan for the future. I had to create an  academic, personal and career goal. Then I had to put a strategy for how I was going to accomplish it. I have to get it signed by my guidance counselor, guardian, and related teacher.

Cycle 1 Day 6 9/19/16

Today I entered the voice over and the music into the Cosmetology video. For the music I could not do the exact type that Ms. Raymond wanted. I tried to find one that was close in the genre or sounded somewhat the same. All I have to do is split sections of the music so that when it is not the voice over it can be a little bit louder. Then when the voice over starts the music’s volume can be lowered. I am positive that this might be done by Thursday.

Cycle 1 Day 5 9/16/16

Today I went to Cosmetology and asked Mrs. Raymond what photos she wanted me to crop from the brochure that I was given. She wanted three photos from the brochure that I had to crop was the logo for Locks ; A Training Salon, the other two was the services they do which was Hair color services and Hair smoothing and Conditioning Treatments. For that I had to use Adobe Acrobat Pro. The Locks ;  A Training Salon replaced the sign in their shop. Then the other two was right after The Locks logo. I just have to put the voice over and spa music into the video.