Who I had assigned?

  • Senior Class
  • Health Careers
  • Cosmetology
  • Science Department

What I had for assignments?

  • Create flashcards on Quizlet for Ms. Falcon
  • Create a video for cosmo using MoviePlayer
  • Create games/tests on Kahoot for Ms.Falcon
  • Help Ms. Darcy with cap and gowns for graduation
  • Create a laminated grade log for Health Careers
  • Help Health Careers with a slideshow for family day(Music and Kiosk)
  • Create a certificate for the car show for Ms. Darcy

Difficulties during the year?

  • Learning MoviePlayer
  • Kahoot wouldnt let me log in at times
  • Trying to make the music play through the whole slide presentation while automatically playing its self

What I learned this year?

  • Time management
  • Setting priorities
  • How to use the kiosk setting on an older version of PowerPoint


festo octopus robot

Grossman, David. “OctoGripper, the Octopus-Inspired Robotic Arm, Is Here.” Popular Mechanics. Twitter, 30 Mar. 2017. Web. 11 Apr. 2017.

What is it?

  • A robotic arm that takes it sign from an octopus
  • The name of this new robotic arm is called an OctoGripper, it was created by a German company named Festo.
  • It is made from a soft silicone
  • This makes it extremely flexible and manoeuvrable.

What does it do?

It is supposed to grip onto items much more stronger than a regular robotic hand would.



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Image result for Retroblox

“Redirect Notice.” Redirect Notice. BitFeed, 8 Feb. 2017. Web. 03 Mar. 2017.

What is it?

Modular Multi System Retro Game Console

Whats the purpose?

It allows you to play any old games on different type of platforms.

Hows it work?

You are only allowed to put one cartridge for each game into it.

When will it be launched?

Kickstarter is in April (Not clarified the exact date yet)

New Process!

The new process that they have started using with the retroblox is called a Hybrid Emulation which would make this cost effective and future friendly.


You wont be able to play games that purely rely on a light gun  controller input. which means that the game wont be as nice with quality and that it would  glitch a lot.



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Samsung Galaxy S8

Image result for samsung s8 edge



  • 5.7 inch screen for the regular Galaxy S8
  • 6.2 inch screen for the Edge (covers 83% of front pannels)
  • 8 point battery
  • Be able to connect the phones handsets to a monitor for a desktop view
  • The phones will have force touch (like the finger scanner that apple came out with)

The Sale date for these phones if they are rumored to go out on March 29 would be either April 14th or 18th

The unveiling will happen at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona set for February 27 to March 2


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Hackers Make Tesla Brain Controlled


Image result for eeg headset

Image result for tesla model s

Eplanation of The Purpose

  • An EEG headset would send a message of the brains activity or thought for “stop” or “go” to the radio and have a definite mobilization on the pedals and a motor being on the steering wheel


  • “For “go” , Spencer thought about tapping his right foot, and for stop, he thought about clenching his left hand. The analog signal for “go” caused the car to go straight and for “stop it was like they put the car on neutral but didnt at the same time.”


  • They had issues with the steering because it was hard for the power from the mind to transfer to tell the car to turn through the machine


  • They put a gyro on the steering wheel so when Spencer turned his head left or right it would respond with him

Other Facts

  • The Tesla that they are using is $85,000
  • The hackers name are Cal Hacks 3.0


Tinder Adds Transgender Options In Bid To Improve Diversity

Image result for tinder with transgender options

Stroianni, Brian Ma. “Tinder Makes Dating App More Inclusive for Transgender Users.” CBSNews. CBS Interactive, 15 Nov. 2016. Web. 17 Nov. 2016.



Transgender is the umbrella term for people who identify with a different gender from the one they were assigned at birth which means they were often diagnosed as gender dysphoria.  The term transsexual refers to more specifically to someone who has had medical intervention, and is considered archaic.

Change Your Gender On Tinder

If you already have a Tinder account you can change your gender and choose whether or not to display it on your profile by going to settings >>I am. If you are those signing up to the app for the first time you would be asked what gender they would like to identify as and if they would like to display their gender on their profile.

This move 

Tinder engineers adjusted the field where a user enters a chosen gender identity to leave it completely open, giving users the freedom to enter whatever term they’re most comfortable with, rather than having a restrictive drop-down of options.

Helps people who are transgender find the love of their life and not being judged for it. It creates a better environment for the LGBT community. “Tinders update ameliorates the typical discomfort  and stress that trans people experience around disclosure. Much of the violence that trans people encounter is in the context of sex and dating, and for us to be empowered with the tools to communicate who we are and on our own terms, is incredible.”

These options are available to users in the United States, The United Kingdom, and Canada.

A Complex Issue

The BIGGEST  issue was that there was in-app harassment against people who were transgender. The transgender people would receive inappropriate messages, but they were also being reported to the app unfairly by other users. It was clear that many of these users were being reported simply because of their gender identity, creating a hostile environment with the app community.

The Solution 

Tinder partnered with GLAAD the nonprofit organization aimed at raising awareness and advocacy for LGBT issues, to figure out the best way to make changes to the app that would be most beneficial to the transgender community. Rad said that the overriding goal is for transgender users to ultimately ” get matched with people who appreciate who they are.”  The company hopes to reduce the harassment user encounter through the app.

Their tools were re-written from the ground up so that we could better pinpoint harassment that is happening in the platform and allow us to quickly react and delete people quickly.

” I’m interested in creating a safer world environment for trans people, and for us to have a fair shot at finding love.”

Statistics On Transgender People 

Urban Institute found that while 29% of the heterosexual teens experienced dating violence, a much larger 42.8% of the LGBTQ youth were found to be affected. Within that number, transgender youth reported experiencing the highest level of dating violence, coming in at 88.9%.  Office of Justice Programs reports that one in two transgender people will be sexually assaulted or abused at some point in their lives.


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Let Netatmo Coach you a better home environment

Image result for netatmo

19 Apr 2013 at 09:29, Bob Dormon Tweet_btn() Bob Dormon. “Review: NetAtmo Urban Weather Station.” • The Register. The Register, 19 Apr. 2013. Web. 14 Oct. 2016.

About the object

The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is a cylinder that sits in your home and monitors the conditions around it. The $100 Healthy Home Coach tracks the same as the indoor module of the Urban Weather Station–air quality, humidity, temperature, and noise. The Home Coach also offers advice based on what it senses about the conditions in your home from the actual object or the app

According to Netatmo, the advice takes your specific family into account. For instance, if you have a baby, you’ll be told if your keeping your room too cold for the well being of the child. You would be told to ventilate rooms if the air quality is poor. You could monitor noise levels and the rest of these measurements in real time and see their recorded history in Netatmo’s iOS or Andraid app.

In order for Netatmo to recognize your family you will get asked a lot about them to get tailored advice.

  • Knows your home
  • Knows your away when it doesn’t see you
  • Default time is 4 hours
  • It has 1080 video, 8 GB micro SD, Night Vision, and 130 Degree FOV(Field Of View)


  • Slowly approaches for everything
  • Live feed is 10 seconds behind
  • Little unreliable
  • Welcome is kind of slow to pick up from

Other Facts About The Netatmo

  • It costs $99.99  for the indoor module
  • Urban Weather Station costs $180
  • You could ask Siri to check the status of your home
  • A fan automatically turns on if the air quality dips below a certain point
  • You will be able to buy these at Lowes, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Amazon



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Can Killer Robots Save Ocean Ecosytem

A lionfish between two electrodes during tests of a prototype of a robot designed to cull the invasive species.

Monks, Kieron. Can Killer Robots Save Ocean Ecosystems. Digital image.Can Killer Robots save Ocean Ecosystems. Cable News Network, 18 Sept. 2016. Web. 20 Sept. 2016.

The main purpose of this presentation is that the Lion fish is overpopulated. iRobot CEO Angle met with conservationists, and learned about the extent of the damage caused by Lion fish. The damage that Lion fish can cause is a major  reduce for flourishing coral reefs to barren wasteland in a matter of weeks.

Image result for electrocution robot for ecosystem

Perlongo, Kassie. Electrocution Robot. Digital image. Robohub. Velocityfarm, 30 Aug. 2016. Web. 22 Sept. 2016.

  • One group suggested to create a machine to kill the fish
  • The design of the machine to kill the Lion fish combines a remotely operated vehicle, using technology which iRobot had developed for the automatic vacuum cleaner Roomba with a bespoke electrocution device
  • Some of the challenge(s) they had was the ratio of machines to fish “Were chasing a million lionfish”
  • They fear that the robots could target the wrong fish, but RISE is developing recognition sotware that will only allow them to kill Lion fish
  • They have tried other various ideas upon trying to maintain the Lion fish population, from training sharks o eat them, to using them for jewelry
  • If the robot is successful it would make a major impact on these fish that have on the biodiversity and health of our coral reef ecosystems
  • Prototypes of the robot are recieving tests to access how many fish can be killed, power requirements, and variations of the design
  • They say that the technology wont be able to solve the problem alone but that it might help maintain the population of the Lion fish species