Dead IRL

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What is it?


It is a digital version of someone who you loved or have known that has recently passed away. Or should we say a robot that is very familiar to who has died.


How it is ran?


It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence), which uses bits and pieces of you from your digital presence from your text messages, tweets, and Facebook posts. The chat robot could sound like you just using your voice from previous phone calls, or recorded messages.

How it has been tested?

Eugenia Kuyda created a chat bot right off of her best friend Roman after he passed away. It had his humor, his fears, how hopeless he felt at work.

Kuyda created a bot for Laurie who is very much still alive but she wanted to see how her robot would turn out. It was very much like her and responded as it was her, they both loved Hamilton, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It has trust issues. One of the conversations that Laurie and her robot had got very private, and she didnt want it to get that personal for her and people to know.

How it would impact?

This would impact the world a little different because your family might like to use this to grieve about your death but this could also shock them or make them very much more sad about your death because they could message you and wish you were still alive.





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