Hackers Make Tesla Brain Controlled


Image result for eeg headset


Image result for tesla model s


Eplanation of The Purpose

  • An EEG headset would send a message of the brains activity or thought for “stop” or “go” to the radio and have a definite mobilization on the pedals and a motor being on the steering wheel


  • “For “go” , Spencer thought about tapping his right foot, and for stop, he thought about clenching his left hand. The analog signal for “go” caused the car to go straight and for “stop it was like they put the car on neutral but didnt at the same time.”


  • They had issues with the steering because it was hard for the power from the mind to transfer to tell the car to turn through the machine


  • They put a gyro on the steering wheel so when Spencer turned his head left or right it would respond with him

Other Facts

  • The Tesla that they are using is $85,000
  • The hackers name are Cal Hacks 3.0



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