Tinder Adds Transgender Options In Bid To Improve Diversity

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Stroianni, Brian Ma. “Tinder Makes Dating App More Inclusive for Transgender Users.” CBSNews. CBS Interactive, 15 Nov. 2016. Web. 17 Nov. 2016.



Transgender is the umbrella term for people who identify with a different gender from the one they were assigned at birth which means they were often diagnosed as gender dysphoria.  The term transsexual refers to more specifically to someone who has had medical intervention, and is considered archaic.

Change Your Gender On Tinder

If you already have a Tinder account you can change your gender and choose whether or not to display it on your profile by going to settings >>I am. If you are those signing up to the app for the first time you would be asked what gender they would like to identify as and if they would like to display their gender on their profile.

This move 

Tinder engineers adjusted the field where a user enters a chosen gender identity to leave it completely open, giving users the freedom to enter whatever term they’re most comfortable with, rather than having a restrictive drop-down of options.

Helps people who are transgender find the love of their life and not being judged for it. It creates a better environment for the LGBT community. “Tinders update ameliorates the typical discomfort  and stress that trans people experience around disclosure. Much of the violence that trans people encounter is in the context of sex and dating, and for us to be empowered with the tools to communicate who we are and on our own terms, is incredible.”

These options are available to users in the United States, The United Kingdom, and Canada.

A Complex Issue

The BIGGEST  issue was that there was in-app harassment against people who were transgender. The transgender people would receive inappropriate messages, but they were also being reported to the app unfairly by other users. It was clear that many of these users were being reported simply because of their gender identity, creating a hostile environment with the app community.

The Solution 

Tinder partnered with GLAAD the nonprofit organization aimed at raising awareness and advocacy for LGBT issues, to figure out the best way to make changes to the app that would be most beneficial to the transgender community. Rad said that the overriding goal is for transgender users to ultimately ” get matched with people who appreciate who they are.”  The company hopes to reduce the harassment user encounter through the app.

Their tools were re-written from the ground up so that we could better pinpoint harassment that is happening in the platform and allow us to quickly react and delete people quickly.

” I’m interested in creating a safer world environment for trans people, and for us to have a fair shot at finding love.”

Statistics On Transgender People 

Urban Institute found that while 29% of the heterosexual teens experienced dating violence, a much larger 42.8% of the LGBTQ youth were found to be affected. Within that number, transgender youth reported experiencing the highest level of dating violence, coming in at 88.9%.  Office of Justice Programs reports that one in two transgender people will be sexually assaulted or abused at some point in their lives.


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