Cycle 10 Day 4 6/8/17

I had to help Health Careers with a PowerPoint Presentation. The only blockers I had was that the presentation was originally on google slides, and they didn’t have a music file for the song(s). They wanted me to take 3 songs and mash it into one, but it wouldn’t work that good with the software. They are getting the file for 1 song and they had me make the google presentation to a PowerPoint. I have already made the presentation start automatically and have a timer on each of the photos for 12 seconds.


Cycle 10 Day 2 6/6/17

I helped the front office with the thank you letters for the sponsors of the golf tournament. I had to fold the papers and put labels on the envelopes. I had to make sure the names matched for the paper and the label.


Cycle 10 Day 1 6/5/17

I helped set up freshman orientation folders.



Who I had assigned?

  • Senior Class
  • Health Careers
  • Cosmetology
  • Science Department

What I had for assignments?

  • Create flashcards on Quizlet for Ms. Falcon
  • Create a video for cosmo using MoviePlayer
  • Create games/tests on Kahoot for Ms.Falcon
  • Help Ms. Darcy with cap and gowns for graduation
  • Create a laminated grade log for Health Careers
  • Help Health Careers with a slideshow for family day(Music and Kiosk)
  • Create a certificate for the car show for Ms. Darcy

Difficulties during the year?

  • Learning MoviePlayer
  • Kahoot wouldnt let me log in at times
  • Trying to make the music play through the whole slide presentation while automatically playing its self

What I learned this year?

  • Time management
  • Setting priorities
  • How to use the kiosk setting on an older version of PowerPoint

Cycle 9 Day 11 5/19/17

Ms. Soucy told me to complete my customer service test, and the rest of my access work.


Cycle 9 Day 10 5/18/17

I had to help Brandon with putting 4 tickets in each cap and gown for the seniors. This was to help Ms. Darcy. We had 4 boxes with i think 20 cap and gown packages.


Cycle 9 Day 8 5/17/17

No one had anything and they were teaching.


Cycle 9 Day 7 5/16/17

I went around and checked with teachers. They either had nothing for me to do or was teaching a class.


Cycle 9 Day 6 5/15/17

Went on a field trip to New England Technical Institute.